Tyler Shipman (18th July 1991 - 14th February 2010 )
When people talked about Tyler Shipman an 18 year old from Frazee, MN, they described him as talkative, funny, inventive, and very generous. No one ever described him as a young man with cancer. Those who knew him, loved him. He was an ordinary young man with extraordinary strength, integrity and humility. His winning smile and engaging laugh are impossible to forget. Tyler was an entrepreneur who owned his own potato truck, which he drove or leased. He was a man who excelled in school and business, and his generous nature was always present. Tyler liked to spend time with his family and his friends, who have all proven to be the most loyal and committed people one could ever hope for. Tyler shared a love for the Pontiac Fiero with thousands of people around the world, and this love for this unique little car leads us into this story. On October 29th, 2009, Tyler logged into Pennock's Fiero Forum and posted "I'm a total Fiero head, and I have been fixing up my Fiero GT.. I am in the hospital with cancer, and I am told they can't treat it." An idea was born. A challenge was set. What can the members of Pennock's Fiero Forum do for one of our own? This site is dedicated to answer that question, and build a dream. Fiero enthusiasts from all across the globe have united to make Tyler's dream come true. In the following pages and links, you will find love, joy, dedication, and an outpouring of support from a group of dedicated car enthusiasts now known as "Fiero Heads".
Latest News (1-2-2012)

The 3rd Annual car show poster is now up .. click on the header link Annual Show to view it. More updates are coming soon !!